Packaging Tape — Storage and Furniture Removals in Portsmith QLD
Man — Storage and Furniture Removals in Portsmith QLD
  1. Turn off your fridge the night before, but leave the door closed until the removalist arrives, which is when you can pack the cold contents into eskies.
  2. Dismantle beds and desks, etc, keeping the nuts and bolts in labelled containers to be packed in a specially marked carton.
  3. Empty all built-in cupboards in advance and re-check them prior to departure.
  4. Stop watering pot plants three days prior to your move.
  5. Try to use removalist's cartons or boxes of a uniform size as this will aid in the efficient packing of the truck, thereby securing of the load.
  6. Use clean white paper - which can be provided by WillMove FNQ - as newspaper will soil items.
  7. Pack lighter items in large cartons, heavier items in smaller cartons to make them easier to lift.
  8. Pack a "first night/morning carton" with bed linen, towels, bedclothes, soap, toilet paper and clothes, etc, so you can relax with necessities at hand before you start unpacking boxes.
  9. Label all cartons by room, destination or contents.
  10. Have a moderate plan as to the placement of your furniture so items can be lifted or hauled to the right location within your new premises.